Who is Ostereo?

Ostereo is a music company founded in 2016 by musician and businessman, Howard Murphy, which operates two primary divisions, Recordings & Publishing. Ostereo’s team is mostly based in Manchester, UK.

What does a typical deal with Ostereo look like?

It depends on the type of deal (e.g. recordings / publishing). Typically, royalties are divided between Ostereo and Artists on a 50/50 basis. Ostereo invests in recording, production and marketing of music projects, administering all costs up-front and recouping this investment from future royalties.

What makes Ostereo different to other labels and publishers?

Since its inception, Ostereo has focused on numerous global music markets, outside of the UK. Markets in which Ostereo specialises include India, China, South Korea and Indonesia. Accordingly, Ostereo has good working relationships with platforms and organisations in these overseas territories, unlocking new audiences for the artists it represents.

Ostereo takes a data-backed approach to investment, ensuring that it does not place Artists into a vicious cycle of debt and recoupment.

Ostereo accounts to its Artists and partners every 30 days, thereby giving them a consistent revenue-stream which they can use to sustain themselves while making great music.

What does it mean when Ostereo says it focuses on digital?

Since launching in 2016, Ostereo has placed a focus on digital platforms and streaming to break artists globally. Its world-class distribution system uses a combination of direct and aggregated deals, ensuring Ostereo’s artists and partners get the very best royalties and support the music industry has to offer.

Who makes up the Ostereo team?

Ostereo employs people from a variety of backgrounds to form its workforce. A variety of specialisms and disciplines make up our team including A&R, distribution, marketing, finance, playlisting and licensing.

Can I work for Ostereo?

Head to our Careers page to find out more. Keep an eye on our socials for any new career vacancies and show us your passion.

What genres/styles does Ostereo work with?

We love every type of music! The main thing Ostereo looks for is quality in music. Genres we work with include pop, dance, rock, classical and alternative. We want to work with Artists who stand out in their field.

Can I submit my music to Ostereo?

We are not accepting new music submissions at this time. However, our A&R team are always on the lookout for the best music so keep doing your thing and we’re sure to speak soon.