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Ostereo’s focus on releasing and marketing music digitally has meant that it has developed a world-class and unique music distribution network. This ensures all of its artists and their music can tap into new audiences and music lovers across more than 150 online music and video streaming platforms around the world.

As a music distributor, Ostereo uses a blend of direct and aggregated deals with the world’s leading music and video streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. A combination of different deal types means that Ostereo is able to secure optimal monetisation and reporting mechanisms for the music it represents. Ostereo believes that transparency and profitability are the cornerstones of any music distribution service – so you’re in safe hands.

Distinctive Features

30 day accounting

In working with Ostereo as your music distributor, you will receive prompt accounting and reports every 30 days, meaning you can keep on top of your music releases and their performance on a consistent, monthly basis.

Ostereo is a certified YouTube Partner

This means you will receive support in terms of managing and growing your channels and videos.

Playlist pitching

Ostereo’s network of more than 150 audio-visual streaming services are all ears when it comes to hearing about its latest releases. Get your music heard by the all-powerful editors!

A truly global outlook

Ostereo specialises in harnessing the power of global music audiences, meaning it has great links to platforms in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and beyond.

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